Welcome to the Juniverse!

The personal website of June Lester

Once upon a time, I was a Professor of Mathematics. Loved it, and was pretty good at it, or so I'm told. But time and circumstance and a few of life's other little twists and turns changed all that. The mathematics obsession faded and a new obsession took its place: technology. More specifically, onscreen technology, and how to design it to communicate mathematics effectively. Interactivity, visualization, all those other wonderful new tools - I was hooked.

So now I'm a graduate student again, working on a doctorate in "onscreen mathematics communication design" at Simon Fraser University's School of Interactive Arts and Technology. Currently, I'm taking courses, reading about cognition, learning, design and many other relevant topics, and enjoying myself immensely.

The Juniverse was born in early 2002, mainly as a home for my experiments and writings in designing onscreen mathematics. I've revised the site to bring some semblance of order to the morass of individual project folders, and to put a prettier face on the site. You can find some of my other writing on my blog, Afterhours.