This section of the Juniverse contains several projects or descriptions of projects, archived here for various reasons, mainly because the technology used is now out of date or and may no longer work, or because the project was abandoned for some reason. Currently, the section contains the following projects:

The BinderBabies Project

The BinderBaby notebooks were a spinoff of a larger project to develop an online system for managing notebooks and other online learning materials.

Afterhours Archives
(April 2002 - April 2003)

The Afterhours weblog originally lived on the Juniverse website. I've since moved it to TypePad, where archives are stored automatically; the pages here are the early Juniverse pages.

The Poincaré Project

An early project on online interactive geometry, Poincaré used Geometer's Sketchpad as a helper application to provide the online interactivity.

Calculus-Related Projects

There are several of these, mostly abandoned. These are mainly some early experiments with using various form of technology – movie making, interactive PDFs, voiceovers, and my iniital forays into using Flash.