Texts and Papers

This section of the Juniverse contains copies of various paper documents I have written.

Designing Interactive Mathematics

A paper I wrote and presented for the Asian Technology Conference in Mathematics, Chiang Mai, Thailand, December 2000. It was refereed and published in the conference proceedings.

Dynamic Geometry: New Math from Old?

The preliminary version of a paper I wrote and presented for the conference Multimedia Tools for Communicating Mathematics, Lisbon, November 2000. I wasn't happy that I'd explained the issue well enough, so I withdrew it from the conference proceedings.

Does Matter Matter?

A mathematics/physics paper describing a toy universe with realistic physical predictions, based on the idea of allowing infinity to be relative in Minkowski spacetime. Published in Physics Essays. My favourite paper.

Online math communication

A post to the WebMath mailing list containing some early thoughts and questions on how to communicate mathematics effectively online.