Public Space in the Juniverse

Welcome to the public section of the Juniverse. This section exists mostly to showcase my various projects in designing onscreen mathematics. There are sub-sections on the following topics:

The MathDesign Pages

A blog-like section of my website with my early ideas on designing onscreen mathematical content.

The Lester Circle

Some pages intended to describe and promote a geometrical circle I discovered.

Linear Algebra Projects

A collection of projects evolving from an online component for a linear algebra course.

Archived Projects

Projects or descriptions of projects either no longer working or abandoned.

Miscellaneous Projects

Some smaller projects.

My Professional Files

My c.v., in both web form and PDF form.

Some Written Projects

A few papers and other print files, most related to designing onscreen mathematics.



If you have comments on any of the above, or if you're looking for something you can't find here, please .